TV Shows Becoming Comics?

Don’t worry. You read that title correctly. Books are turned into movies. TV shows become movies. Poems become songs. “Vines” are turned into a book.Ā šŸ˜‰ We’ve all heard of comics being turned into TV shows such asĀ Riverdale,Ā The Flash,Ā The Walking Dead, and so many more. However, some fans of different TV shows have taken it upon […]

Nerd Rap: How Dragon Ball Z Influenced the Rap Music We Have Today

When people usually think of the type of person that watches anime the stereotype that is that they are a socially awkward nerd who does nothing but live in their room and binge watch their shows. However you might be surprised to find that many artists in music today actually reference anime quite a bit, […]

Graphic Novel illiterate

For someone who loves TV shows based off of graphic novels I had never read one until this class.Ā  I quickly learned it’s a whole new level of literacy. My prior experience with comics had been limited to the Sunday comics in the newspaper I use to read at my grandparents house growing up. I […]

The Walking Dead comic or show?

I have always loved the TV show, The Walking Dead. Ever since it first showed, I was one of the few fans that supported it from the start to now and I still continuing to support and watch it. Your heart races a mile a minute while watching the episodes. The anxiety that this show […]

Sports Graphic Novels; the subject we haven’t visited yet

Sports Illustrated Kids produces Ā a comic every month. These comics are related to all sports andĀ reach out to the younger generation and their vast array of sports interests. I chose this subject because I am very passionate about sports and we did not cover any graphic novels that were ultimately about sports outside of briefly […]

The End: Goodbye Bleach

Throughout the ages drawing and illustration have been a key characteristic of human evolution. When researching and learning about comics and graphic novels, I’ve found that there are a variety of artistic styles concerning comics. One of my favorite forms of this is Manga. This is a Japanese form of comic that is becoming increasingly […]

From Graphic Novel to Hollywood Film

A noticeable trend has been growing in the film industry in recent years. Graphic novel adaptations have been becoming more and more apparent thanks to a positive audience response asking for more. This topic has been covered in previous blog posts, however the authors focused on one particular adaptationĀ of a film. For this particular blog […]

Novel to Graphic

In lieu of the popularity of Japanese manga, the need to expand their audience, and also to further a product line, book publishing companies are starting to adapt young adult novels into graphic novels.There is already a large economy based on the production of manga and anime, so some American publishers tried their hand at […]