Historic Preservation and Fun Home Part Two

This post elaborates on some of aspects of historic preservation that I talked about in Historic Preservation and Fun Home Part One, which you can read here. Documentation is integral to historic preservation. There are several reasons why a building/site might be documented, but most documentation is done because of Section 106 of the National […]

LGBTQ + C(omics)

LGBTQ representation in our society has grown substantially throughout recent years. LGBTQ individuals were once brushed off by society, and those who had come out were ridiculed and discriminated against. Society disapproved of being a homosexual and some believed being a homosexual would result in going to hell after death. Families of those who were […]

My Favorite Thing Is Illustrations

As someone who desperately wishes they were a good artist, my favorite part of this class has been analyzing the illustrations of the graphic novels and comics. I think it’s truly astounding how talented all of the illustrators are, and I love seeing how each work is entirely different from the next. For example, Alison […]

Historic Preservation and Fun Home Part One

Alison Bechdel’s father, Bruce, is characterized in Fun Home by his passion for historic preservation and obsessive desire to restore their historic home to its original glory. As a historic preservation major, I thought it might be nice to provide some basic background information about the subject. Standards for historic preservation are set by the […]