The Neverending Story of Looking for Webcomic

content warning: addiction*~ a more in-depth explanation at the bottom   I hope this isn’t too dramatic (even though truthfully I know it is), but my own experience with addiction is pretty standard. It started with a taste of curiosity that eventually became an insistent void. While some people’s addiction is completely detrimental, mine has […]

Bad to the BONE

  Bone by Jeff Smith was the first graphic novel I ever picked up. I was at a point in my life when I had an insatiable hunger for comics. I was checking out “Garfield” books from the library left and right and I had just finished reading through my Calvin and Hobbes collection for […]

Webcomic to SuperComic

Webcomics in general are very easy to create for the general public. The idea behind them is that anyone with creativity and an internet connection can create one. This means that they can cover endless subjects, genres, styles, and new ideas. One of the most popular Webcomics I know of is called One Punch Man. […]