My Favorite Thing Is Illustrations

As someone who desperately wishes they were a good artist, my favorite part of this class has been analyzing the illustrations of the graphic novels and comics. I think it’s truly astounding how talented all of the illustrators are, and I love seeing how each work is entirely different from the next. For example, Alison […]

Lilah Sturges: Transgener Trailblazer of the Comic World

I was pursuing on Twitter a few weeks ago when I came across the account of a woman named Lilah Sturges, a transgender comic writer. I went through her twitter and felt inclined to reflect on some of her statements for my next blog post- so here I am. Lilah Sturges is known for comics […]

Page to Play or Play to Page?

I have been absolutely itching to read Fun Home, but don’t want to spoil it before we start talking about it in class. That being said, it got me wondering about other instances where graphic novels and comics end up on the stage. It is no secret how successful the theatrical adaptation of Fun Home has […]

First Impressions of a Graphic Novel From A Virgin

Get your head out of the gutter- I’m a graphic novel virgin. Until this class, my only experience with comics and graphic novels was the scene in Juno (my favorite movie), where she talks about how bad ass it is that there’s a comic of a pregnant superhero called The Most Fruitful Yuki. It’s not that I hadn’t […]