Hockey Shit With Ngozi Ukazu: Why You Should Be Reading Check, Please!

Reason #17 to hate Jack: He woke me up. At 4 AM. To skate at Faber. On a Sunday. Because Jack Zimmerman works harder than God. Despite never having been a “sports” person, I’ve always been inexplicably attracted to certain kinds of sports narratives. One of my favorite books, Winger, is about rugby players. I’m […]

The Corpse at the Root of the Cherry Tree: Horror and Glamour in Tokyo Babylon

Tokyo. The capital city of Japan. In 1991, its population numbered 11,923,346. Between day and evening, it differed by two million souls. The unparalleled city of night. Even in a world where magic and spirits are real, evil most often takes human form. Tokyo Babylon is the story of Subaru Sumeragi, a sixteen-year-old onmyouji (a […]