What’s in the Color?

With the addition of the availability of color within comics, especially in digital ones, a new tool to exemplify the meaning of specific parts of a story has made its way into the fold of graphic novels. Originally, comics were only able to be portrayed in black and white, and it was up to only […]

The Depravity of Internet Based Comics

If you look back at comic books at their origin, you’d notice quite a couple of common characteristics. They usually involved a superhero, or some sort of protagonist with superhuman abilities and that said protagonist would always come out on top…. after a thousand cliffhangers of course. Despite all of the comics of that time […]

The Meme Man: Who lives on Meme(y) Lane

By: Nathaniel Moxley   This is the meme man. Often seen online in multiple deranged memes, he is nothing more than a poorly rendered image of a 3-D head. In terms of memes though, not many people are aware of his origin, and don’t know that he is actually from a series of short comic strips. […]