FireAlpaca: Digital Art Lite

During the creation of my group’s webcomic, I took up the role as artist. I had learned how to create digital art via Photoshop during this semester in a different class, so I considered using it for the webcomic. However, I don’t actually own the program on my own computer, and drawing in the digital […]

Bad Kat

While we read the Krazy Kat comics, I really enjoyed them. So, I figured I would take one of these comics and change some aspect of it. Here’s the strip I chose to work with, courtesy of Professor Whalen’s examples on Canvas: Krazy Kat is very responsible as far as the law is concerned. Despite […]

What’s in a Webcomic?

Comics have recently seen a rise in popularity after a prolonged radio silence, thanks in no small part to the new developments of online comics sharing (legal or not) and webcomics. Webcomics are online comics of varying genres and styles, usually appearing free online or through a subscription (usually via a business that publishes and […]