The End: Goodbye Bleach

Throughout the ages drawing and illustration have been a key characteristic of human evolution. When researching and learning about comics and graphic novels, I’ve found that there are a variety of artistic styles concerning comics. One of my favorite forms of this is Manga. This is a Japanese form of comic that is becoming increasingly […]

Hero or Villain?

While reading Watchmen, I thought that Rorschach was a really interesting character. Although, while reading some of the panels I couldn’t help but think, “What if it happened differently?” So, I decided to pick out my favorite panel and make a few changes to it. I actually only made one. In these panels Rorschach is […]

Webcomic to SuperComic

Webcomics in general are very easy to create for the general public. The idea behind them is that anyone with creativity and an internet connection can create one. This means that they can cover endless subjects, genres, styles, and new ideas. One of the most popular Webcomics I know of is called One Punch Man. […]