Hulk Smash

Most depictions of Bruce Banner emphasize the duality of his mild mannered personality with that of the Hulk. He is typically written and viewed as a mild mannered, troubled genius, who struggles to keep his temper in check so that he doesn’t hulk out and become a liability. He is viewed with sympathy as he […]

The Return of the (Printed) Comic Book

On September 18, 2016, an article was published on the Comichron website detailing the rise in comic book orders. According to the article, “Since 1998, Diamond Comic Distributors has never shipped more than 10 million comic books to comics shops in a single month. That changed in August, as DC‘s “Rebirth” resulted in shipments of […]

Bat I-Work-Alone Man

In May 1939, the 27th issue of the Detective Comics was released, introducing Batman. He quickly became known as a new hero who worked alone. Not long later, people realized that the Bat-signal in the sky draws the Dark Knight. Today, that same symbol will not only notify Batman, but a Robin or even a Batgirl may […]

Kids These Days…

Sunday mornings roll around and the first page that children (and teenagers) usually turn to is the Sunday comic page. Not only do these comics provide classic entertainment for the young readers, there is also one particular comic that unites all parents in regards to their children—Zits. Created in 1997, the comic follows the life […]

Pack Attack! A Superhero Comic for Kids

It’s been talked about in previous blog posts that modern day comics have a tendency towards darker visuals and subject matters; Tlanier’s post is a great analysis. It is undeniable that the movement ‘comics aren’t just for kids anymore’ has had some spectacular results. Many superhero comics have evolved into a literary form that is deep, plot-driven, and […]

Archie Forever

As a child, I had an obsession with a particular comic called Archie. My father first introduced it to me around the age of 9 or 10 and I instantly became hooked. Archie was something my father and I bonded over, due to the fact that he had read it as well when he was younger. […]

Of Maus and Men

The systematic genocide of more than six million Jews during the Holocaust showcased just how cruel and absolutely wicked humans can be, and the personal history and narratives that survived tell a story that we do not want to hear. It is difficult to learn about what happened, heart-wrenching to read about the fates of […]

From Blondie to Wifey

In September of 1930 Chic Young’s, Blondie was first published in newspapers. The storyline followed a beautiful socialite blonde and her rich boyfriend Dagwood. Three years after the comic was published despite Dagwood’s disapproving parents, Blondie and Dagwood get married, therefor forfeiting his family money for love. From this point on they live a middle […]